Gift Voucher 100 €

You can use gift vouchers and coupons, either in our workshop store or online, and you can use them, either by yourself or give them to somebody else as a present. The voucher will be valid for a year, beginning from the purchasing date. You do not need to use the whole amount of the voucher at once. A gift voucher can also be used as a part of a larger purchase. The difference will then be paid separately.

Terms and Conditions for Gift Vouchers

- A gift voucher is valid for a year from the purchasing date.

- Gift vouchers are sold for the following sums: €50, €100, €200.

- The gift voucher is valid in both the workshop store and our online store.

- In the online store, you can only use one gift voucher at a time.

- You do not need to use the whole sum of the gift coupon at once. You can leave some money on the cheque and use it later. Money left on an expired gift voucher will not be returned.

100,00 €
Gift Voucher 100 €

Gift Voucher 100 €

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