Jewellery with Stories

Every piece of jewellery, made in the workshop of the Inarin Hopea, tells a story about the nature of Lapland, its culture, people and their environment. Welcome to see our collection, with its clean and clear forms and designs.

Our specialized salespersons will be able to tell you interesting and mystical stories about the origin of the jewels. Occasionally, you may be able to follow the goldsmith, Matti Qvick, at his work. The goldsmith prepares all the jewels by himself. The materials used for the jewels are sterling silver (925 0/00), gold, Lappish gemstones, and mythical gold from the Lemmenjoki River.

The Inarin Hopea is located in Inari, right opposite to the Sámi Museum Siida.

during the summer, between 16/06-31/08 every day 10-18.
in September, between 1-30/09 every day 10-17
other times Mon-Fri 10-17

Traditional Handmade Lappish Jewellery.
Inarin Hopea, Inarintie 61, FI-99870 Inari


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